Free Entertainment

There's guaranteed to be something for the whole family to enjoy with more than 20 performers from our lineup of talented grounds entertainment. You can see BMX stunt bikers flying through the air, witness the side-splitting powers of a comedy superhero and even see the super-fast speed of racing swine.


They’re just a few of the free entertainment options, which also includes roaming acts and daily concerts in Dorton Arena, on the Kitchen Craft Waterfall Stage, Bluegrass Stage and Heritage Circle Church Stage.


Check the daily schedule for show times!



Casey's Clubhouse



Casey Cardinal has a new Clubhouse in Kiddieland and is looking forward to seeing you there! He'll be making regular appearances daily and will be giving out Casey masks and baseball cards! Check your daily schedule for times.



Casey's Big Slide



Don't miss the chance to take flight with Casey...well, almost. He'll be at the Big Slide in Kiddieland daily to swoop down with the kids!


Circle C

Circle "C" Racing Pigs

Behind the Scott Building, near Gate 10

Do you pull for Piggy Gordon or Oinkhardt, Jr.? These are the tough questions at the Hogway Speedway! Entertaining families for over a decade, Circle "C" Farm of Newton, NC, brings back their divine swine, and some clucky duckies as well, to race for that coveted cheese doodle!



Chinese Imperial Acrobats

Between Gates 9 and 10



Cutest Show

The Cutest Show on Earth



The Cutest Show on Earth is a high-energy, free show designed to get family members playing together. Kids dress up and become Star Performers in a live theater experience! Presented multiple times daily, each show features up to 18 kids of all ages chosen from the audience 10 minutes before show time.  While entertaining to every age, The Cutest Show on Earth has a higher purpose to build confidence and creative muscle in the next generation. Join in the enthusiastic rounds of applause for the power of kids’ imaginations!



Down to Earth Aerials

North Dorton Lawn


With her cirque style aerial silks performances, Amanda Leoni and her troupe of acrobats will stun the crowds as they twist and twirl through the air from a freestanding tripod by only the wraps they create with their brilliant silks!



Dream City Unicorns

Flower & Garden Show - Roving


No, your eyes are not deceiving you...those are giant unicorns frolicking around the Flower and Garden Show! Just wait until you see them glow at night!



Fire Stryker

Kiddieland - Roving


“FIRE STRYKER” is a smoke blowing, fire breathing, wing flapping, one of a kind Dragon led around on a leash by a “medieval viking” handler.



Guy Gilchrist: Famed Syndicated Cartoonist & Writer

Field of Dreams


Guy Gilchrist was hand-selected to create Jim Henson’s Muppets Comic Strip. Throughout the years, he has set his hand to such notable cartoons as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Fraggle Rock, The Pink Panther, The Muppet Babies and Nancy. Come out and visit him in Field of Dreams where he will tell interactive stories with our smallest fairgoers as he illustrates the stories on the spot!



International All-Star Circus

Between Gates 9 and 10


Jeff Robbins

Jeff Robbins Mountain Music, Stories & Dance

Tobacco Pavilion - Heritage Circle


Bringing authentic sights and sounds of Appalachian mountain music and instruments to the next generation, Jeff Robbins uses a variety of instruments including banjos, guitars and even mouth harps, Jeff is sure to get you on your feet and dancing. Bring out the kids to make an instrument they can take home!



King BMX Stunt Show

Rand Grandstand


King BMX Stunt Shows is one of the top stunt shows in the nation. Its founder, North Carolina's own Keith King, has been involved with BMX freestyle since 1985 and competed in the 1997 and 1998 X Games. With their high-intensity performances, King BMX Stunt Shows boasts the most ramps of any stunt team in the world! 


Magic Bean

The Magic Bean



The MAGIC BEAN is the perfect blend of education and entertainment for your fair. With a theme of "from the farm, to the kitchen" kids will learn things that never crossed their little minds.



Mother Earth

Flower & Garden Show - Roving


You don't want to miss Mother Earth towering over the crowds! Her dress brings to life the flowers planted around her. She'll also be handing out seed packets so you can plant your own garden and enjoy watching it grow.



Pirates of Colombian Caribbean

Near Gate 11


We ask that you set your mind back in time and dare to lose yourself in a fantastic world of fearless pirate action, adventure, and thrills for an experience you will never forget. 


Red Trouser

The Red Trouser Show

Near Gate 1


The Red Trouser Show is a high end street theater show. Be prepared to marvel at their feats of strength and timing...whether with both feet planted on the ground, or climbing ladders to soaring heights overhead! 



Roberto the Magnificent

North Dorton Lawn - Roving


When Roberto the Magnificent explodes onto the stage be ready for an action-packed performance that highlights his unique variety of cirque-style skills that include riding very tall unicycles and industrial strength pogo sticks, juggling super sharp knives and flaming torches and spinning hand saws!



Rock-it the Robot

Kiddieland - Roving


The ultimate galactic mascot! More than just a costume character, Rock-it is a high tech body puppet. Rock-it projects an array of blue lights through his chest, arms and face. At night, he puts on his own light show. This nine foot tall gentle giant stands head and shoulders above the crowds. 





State Fair Monster Mural



Ready to unleash your inner artist? Head out to our State Fair Monster Mural and let your creativity fly!




Strong Man John Beatty

Near Gate 2


The STRONG MAN shows combine Vaudeville era feats of strength with World's Strongest Man type events to create one of the most amazing shows available!



Tangled Threads

Dorton Triangle - Roving


The Tangled Threads are The Jarquin and Jen, a multi-talented duo from Portland, Oregon. Their high-low act that portrays a human doll marionette controlled by a nine foot tall steampunk wind-up man as well an unconventional musical duo comprised of a stiltwalking ukelele player, a multi-instrumental washboard playing rhythm section, and some sweet harmonies.



Wolves of the World

Behind the Scott Building, near Gate 10


The Sandlofer family explains about the history of wolves. They recount the story of how these rescued wolves are raised in captivity and display the traits of the wolf packs including the alpha male and female and how they interact. The show even features a hero wolf who saved a young girl from drowning, showing the wolves to be intelligent, empathetic animals.