N.C. Forest Service


Visit the N.C. Forest Service Fair exhibition to learn more about our history and to take part in a diverse array of educational and entertainment opportunities! You can begin your tour by viewing real NCFS aircraft located directly adjacent to the new tobacco pavilion. Then come learn about your environment, forest service history and fire prevention by following the path behind Heritage Circle up the hill to the N.C. Forest Service exhibit.

Be sure to stop and talk to Big Smokey Bear, check out the fire tower and then learn about how to make your own home safer from wildfire in the Firewise Building.


In the main tent staff, will be on hand to provide advice to landowners about improving their forest property with a woodland plan. You can also learn about invasive plants and insects affecting the state.


Fire rangers and forest service personnel will be passing out  free seedlings from the N.C. Forest Service nursery. Enjoy interactive environmental education activities and games such as the Wheel of Forestry, and just next door to our exhibit watch the antique sawmill in action.


The Forest Service exhibit is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. For more information, please visit: