Ride Ticket Redemption Tents



Look for the bright green tent!

When you purchase your ride tickets online, you receive a Ride Ticket Voucher. This voucher can be redeemed inside the gates, during the fair at the Ride Ticket Redemption Tent on the north side of Dorton Arena, or in Kiddieland.

Redeem the advance sale ride voucher sheet for the actual ride tickets at the large "Ride Ticket Redemption Tent" located directly in front of Dorton Arena, near the waterfall, or at the location in Kiddieland.  


2016 Ride List

Alien Abduction Merry Go Round Alpine Bobs Landslide
Bumper Cars/Scooters Monster Trucks Avengers Mardi Gras
Charlie Chopper Orbiter Avengers Mega Drop
Cliff Hanger Powers Parthenon Wheel Balloons Merry Go Round
Cobra Coaster Puppy Roll Beach Shack Mighty Mouse Coaster
Crazy Chopper Raiders Centrifuge Monster Trucks
Cuckoo Haus Ring of Fire/Fireball Charlie Chopper Music Express (Quasar)
Cyclone Tunnel Rio Grande Train Circus Orbiter
Fly O Plane Rockin' Tug Boat Cliff Hanger Pirate Ship
Flying Bobs Rockstar Construction Zone RC 48 Coaster
Freak Out Samba Balloons Crazy Sub Ring O Fire
Genesis Sea Ray Dalton Farm Tractors Rock Star
Golf Rush Express Ship's Ahoy Dalton Hummers Silly Safari
Gondola Giant Wheel Sizzler Dalton Quads Silver Streak
Hampton Combo Sky Diver Dodgem Sizzler
Hampton Farm Tractor Speed Hi Flyer Street Fighter Revolution
Hampton Rally Racer Tilt-A-Whirl Fireball Super Cyclone
Hampton VW Tornado Giant Wheel (Chance) Wisdom Himalaya
Haunted Mansion Vertigo Giant Wheel (Mulligan) Super Slide
Hot Air Balloon Wheel Wacky Worm Happy Swing Surfs Up
Khaos Wave Swinger Helicopters Wacky Shack
Kiddie Fun Slide Wiggle Wurm Hit N 2000 Wacky Worm
Kite Flyer Zero Gravity Jalopy Junction Zipper
Magic Maze Glass House Zipper Jumping Star Zombie
Delusion Fire House Fun House    

Carnival Deals and Discounts



One Way Tickets



Round Trip Tickets

Tix 7

State Fair Flyer

Soar above the midway lights on our BRAND NEW State Fair Flyer. Traverse the carnival from the west end "Orville Terminus" near the Scott Building down to Gate 8 via the "Wilbur Terminus" as you watch the magic of the midway below your feet!


Pricing: In advance of the Fair: $4 one way, $7 round trip. These tickets are available online only through 11:59 p.m. Thursday, October 13.


During the Fair: $5 one way, $8 round trip. These tickets are available at the State Fair Flyer ticket booth at one of the two terminus points.




Unlimited Ride Wristbands

Unlimited Ride Wristbands will be available on the following days:

Thursday, Oct. 13 - $28

Friday, Oct. 14 - $35

Monday, Oct. 17 - $35

Tuesday, Oct. 18 - $35


Wristbands must be purchased at a ride ticket booth inside the Fairgrounds so that the band can be applied to the wrist of the rider.





Friday, Oct. 14 - Friday Frenzy

Student Discount with School ID or Report Card

Students can take advantage of a $5 admission ticket by presenting their school identification or recent (2015/2016) report card at the ticket booth. That's a 50% savings off the gate price! These tickets are not available online or in advance. One ticket may be purchased per student ID at the reduced price. All applicable local and state sales taxes are included in your purchase price.


Don't forget it's an Unlimited Ride Wristband Day!
$35 from 10 a.m. - midnight!


Wristbands must be purchased at a ride ticket booth inside the Fairgrounds so that the band can be applied to the wrist of the rider.




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use last year's ride tickets this year?

No. Ride tickets are good only for the year purchased.


How much are ride tickets? Can I buy a ride book?

For more information, go to the Tickets page.


How many tickets are needed for each ride?

Kiddie rides are typically two to four tickets each. Bigger rides are three to five tickets each and large, spectacular rides can be as many as eight tickets.


I purchased my ride tickets in advance, online. Where do I get the actual tickets?

You will need to take your ride ticket voucher(s) to the "Ride Ticket Redemption" tent located directly in front of Dorton Arena, or at the location in Kiddieland. The ride ticket redemption booths will be open during fair hours.


Can I use ride tickets to play games on the Midway?

No, ride tickets cannot be used for the games.


What is the minimum height requirement for children's rides?

Minimum height requirements for children's rides are 36 inches tall.


Can a parent accompany a young child on a ride?

Parents can ride on all slides and Merry-Go-Rounds for free when accompanying a paying child who is 40-inches tall or less.