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 New Foods

Arepa Loca


Atomic Tots

Arepa Loca
La Sureña Loca (The Crazy Southerner)

Our traditional cheese corn arepa pocket stuffed with pulled pork and topped with sweet plantains, cilantro guacamole sauce and pink sauce
Bayshore Services
Fresh Creamy Lemonade
A creamy twist for a fresh hand-shaken lemonade
Chef's D'Lites
Atomic Tots
Spicy seasoned tater tots topped with spicy cheese sauce, sweet heat shredded chicken, pepper bacon, spicy ranch, sour cream and a crispy fried hot pepper

Chick N Que
Que & Grits

A scoop of our signature Chick-N-Que nestled in a bowl of savory cheese grits topped with sharp shredded cheddar cheese and chives with a crispy chicharrones (fried chicken skin)
CocoCrissi Tropical Icees
Simply put; CocoCrissi's flavors are unique! We pride ourselves on perfecting the authenticity of New York Style Italian ice. You will witness the crisp, cool, and distinctive taste of our Italian ice in every scoop.
Cool Runnings Jamaican
Jerk BBQ Chicken Sliders with Tropical Slaw
Our jerk bbq chicken served on a roll and topped with our homemade tropical coleslaw

Douglas Farms

Mexican street corn (in a cup)
Ethio-Indi Alkaline Cuisine
Vegan/alkaline cuisine
Ezzell's Somethin' Good
Shrimp & Grits on a Stick

Slow simmered cheesy stone ground grits with Cajun shrimp, deep fried until crispy and drizzled with Cajun cream sauce, bacon crumbles and scallions

Hickory Tree

Fatboys BBQ
Carolina Cowboy Roll
Brisket, mac-n-cheese, special spices rolled into an eggroll and deep fried. Vegetarian version available with imitation bacon bits instead of brisket

The Gobblin' Gourmet
Cornbread & Chili Funnel Cake
Cornbread funnel cake topped with chili and shredded cheese
Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ
Shrimp Alfredo Stuffed Turkey Leg
Giant smoked turkey leg stuffed with Cajun shrimp and alfredo sauce

Just Popping
Hot Chix Hotcakes & Chicken
Twisted Chicken on Tots
Crispy tater tots covered in our creamy white cheddar mac and cheese topped with chopped fried chicken tenderloin all layered up in a cup. Signature sauces like buffalo or garlic parm. Also offering: Oreo and Reese's Mini Pancakes on a Stick.
Just Popping Around
Alcohol-Infused Gourmet Popcorn
Premium popcorn inspired by spirits that wake up your taste buds!
With alcohol-infused popcorn, the alcohol intself evaporates during the cooking process, but the flavors remain.
Kora's Cookie Dough
Irresistible cookie dough is surrounded by a pastry wrapper, deep-fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Lobster Dogs
Med Grill
Oak City
Lobster Dogs
Serving fresh Lobster, Shrimp, Crab Dogs Fresh Lobster, Crab or Shrimp in a toasted split top bun topped with lemon butter and stuffed avocados with your choice of toppings
Mediterranean Grill
Nashville Style Chicken

A special marinade is used to produce the finest chicken. After chicken is fried, it is battered in special sauce and served on a toasted bun with slaw and pickles with a final dipping sauce
Oak City Fish and Chips
Lobster Pop
Fried lobster seasoned with a secret blend of spices served lightly battered on a stick with the bright red shell

Oh My Churro
Oh my Churro!
We take the flavor and personality of the Mexican street churro to a new level by adding savory and sweet ingredients to present to you a fun and delicious gourmet experience!
OMG! Banana Pudding
OMG! Banana Pudding

OMG! banana pudding is the best iconic dessert in the Carolinas!
Ragin Cajun
Fresh Fried Pork Rinds
Southern classic of fried pork rinds Cajun, BBQ, sweet cayenne, plain flavors with Cajun ranch & sriracha bang bang dipping sauces

Sassy's Sweet Potatoes
Loaded Sweet Potatoes with your choice of bacon, cheese, baked beans, sesame seeds, coconut flakes, crispy onions, Mexican street corn, graham crumbles, craisins, pulled pork, vegetarian chili, mac-n-cheese, chopped pecans, pineapple guava relish, chocolate chips, or mini marshmallows,
Tropical Delights
Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie
A strawberry smoothie loaded with New York style cheesecake for a creamy and delicious experience - the best of both worlds. Served in our 24oz martini cup for a dessert overload!
Waypoint Oyster Bar
Shrimp Mac and Cheese Eggroll

The iconic southern macaroni and cheese dish you know and love with NC shrimp deep fried in a crispy eggroll and served with a side of sweet and spicy aioli for dipping


Bubbas Bacon

Cookie Dough
Waffle Chix
Breakfast sausage dipped in waffle batter and cooked in a waffle iron served on a stick as well as sweet Belgian waffles baked around a double chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips.
Bubbas Bacon
Bacon Bourbon Chicken on a Stick
Juicy tender chicken breast wrapped in Bubba's hand-sliced double smoked bacon. Covered in our signature bourbon sauce and flame-grilled to perfection.

Minneapple Pie
Deep Fried Cookie Dough
& Deep Fried Cookie Dough Sundae

A homemade chocolate chip cookie dough dipped in batter and deep fried.  This warm, soft, and gooey treat will bring back childhood memories. 

Also available as a sundae which is served with vanilla ice cream, dusted with powdered sugar, and topped with whip cream and sprinkles.   


New Foods
 New Vendors

Byou Billy


Coley Sheriff

Bayou Billy of the Carolinas
Borgil Enterprises
Citizens to Elect Joe Coley

Clear Choice
CoCo Crissi
Color Street
Clear Choice Water Solutions
Coco Crissi Tropical Icees
Color Street

Ethio India
Costco Garner Warehouse
Emily's Paparazzi
Ethio Indi Alkaline & Vegan Cuisine

Something Good
Web Gone Country
Home Health
Ezzells Somethin' Good Food Truck
Gone Country
Home Health Education Services

Just Popping
Koras Cookie Dough
IEAF Massager
Just Popping Around
Kora's Cookie Dough

KS Canuck
Laser Bob
KS Canuck
Laserbobs Custom Crafts

Leon Leather
Living and Giving
Lobster Dogs
Leon Leather Company
Living & Giving
Lobster Dogs

Oak City
Oak City Fish & Chips
OMC! Oh My Churro!
OMG! Banana Pudding

Performance Foodservice
Pet ID
Photo Booth
Performance Foodservice
Pet ID Tags
Photo Booth Therapy

Southern Ice Cream
Raleigh United States ARMY Recruiting
Sassy's Sweet Potatoes
Southern Ice Cream

Suburban Propane
Tastefully Simple
Treasure Quest

Suburban Propane

Tastefully Simple

Treasure Quest Mining Gift Shop

Uncommon USA
Waffle Chix
Goat to Be
Uncommon USA
Waffle Chix
You've Goat to be Kidding Me

KB Foods
KB Foods
 New Rides

Itsy Bitsy Spider Wheel

  Sky Hawk

Itsy Bitsy Spider Wheel

5 tickets
Riders must be 42" to ride
36" with paying adult
(No Single Riders)


Sky Hawk

5 tickets
Riders must be 48" to ride