Field of Dreams


Powered by a battalion of volunteers and brought to you by North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives, children are invited to spend time on the fair’s miniature farm where they traverse specialty gardens making connections between the food they see growing and the food they love to see on their plates!

Wide eyes abound as they learn that yes, everything they like on their taco, pizza, sandwich, Thanksgiving dinner and more can be grown by farmers in our state. Kids venture through all the steps of growing and marketing their crop as they step into the boots of a farmer, harvest their own vegetables, take that food to market and reap the rewards of their labor - a prize pack of North Carolina products.


This exhibit includes a coloring contest, mini John Deere tractor rides, rabbits, a turkey and a bonus photo area where families can take a snapshot from their day on the “farm.”


Located near Gate 1 and Dorton Arena. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., except on Thursday, Oct. 12, when the exhibit will open at 12 p.m.


Download your Field of Dreams Coloring Sheet here!