• Visitors with handicap permits should park in the paved parking lot at the corner of Blue Ridge Road and Trinity Road, near Gate 10 of the Fairgrounds. There are more than 100 parking spaces designated for use by visitors with disabilities in this lot, but a valid handicap permit is required. Visitors can access the Fair through Gates 9 and 10.
  • When handicap parking spaces at Gate 10 are filled, drivers with valid handicap permits will be directed to overflow handicap parking at Carter Finley Stadium.
  • Cars occupying spaces in lots designated for visitors with disabilities must display valid handicap permits, stickers or plates at all times.
  • Buses and vehicles may unload passengers with disabilitiesin the paved parking lot near Gate 10, but may only park there if the vehicle displays a valid handicap permit and if space is available. The driver of the vehicle should inform a traffic patrol officer of the intention to simply drop off disabled passengers. Gate 1 is also an option for drop-off.

Motor Coach and School/Church Bus Transit

  • Motor coaches, school and church buses may drop-off and pick-up passengers at our Bus Transit Zone at
    Gate 1. Gate 1 is located on Hillsborough Street near the intersection with Blue Ridge Road. Motor coaches will then be directed to parking in Lot 4000, PNC Arena. Church and school buses will park at Carter-Finley Stadium.


Wheelchair and Electric Scooter Rentals

  • There are wheelchair and electric scooter vendors set up near gates 1, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Wheelchairs and electric scooters are first come, first serve. The vendor will take a deposit of collateral such as cash, a driver's license or car keys.
    Services provided by Mobility Concepts LLC.


Tram Services

  • Visitors who do not require wheelchairs may also take advantage of tram services. A 25-passenger exterior perimeter tram will circle the fairgrounds outside of the gates, making stops at gates 2, 8 and 10.
  • An inner perimeter tram operates inside the gates of the fairgrounds for a fee. This tram stops at Gate 1, Gate 10, Dorton Arena and Gate 8. Ticket booths for purchasing tram tickets are located at each of these stops inside the fairgrounds. Tram tickets cannot be purchased in advance.
  • Neither the interior nor exterior tram services are wheelchair accessible.


Accessible Restrooms

  • Accessible restrooms are located throughout the fairgrounds.
  • All buildings are in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act standards.


N.C. State Fair accessABILITY Day
presented by Bandwidth

  • Join us on Sunday, October 15 for N.C. State Fair accessABILITY Day presented by Bandwidth. We've got a full day of fun planned! Check out all the details here.



  • Minimum height requirements for children's rides are 36 inches tall. The Kiddieland Midway area consists of about 25 rides, in addition to about 4 games suitable for young children. Most children's rides cost between 2 and 4 tickets. Games do not accept ride tickets, and are cash only.
  • Parents can ride on all slides and Merry-Go-Rounds for free when accompanying a paying child who is 40-inches tall or less. The adult must accept guardian responsibility and use good judgment when choosing which of the available rides to allow a young child to ride. There are no minimum height requirements for these particular rides.


Stroller and Children's Wagon Rentals

  • There are stroller and child's wagon vendors set up near gates 1, 7, 8, 9 and 10. All strollers and wagons are first come, first serve. The vendor will take a deposit of collateral such as cash, a driver's license or car keys.
    Mobility Concepts LLC at Gates 1 and 10 is accepting reservations on their website.
  • Parents can bring their own diaper and lunch bags, wagons, strollers, umbrellas and other personal items to the fair, just be aware that all baggage is subject to being searched at the gate for weapons, glass bottles, alcohol, drugs and other prohibited materials.



  • Changing tables for children are available in all restrooms.
  • Universal changing tables are available in the Scott Building and Agri Supply Exposition Center.
  • Mothers' rooms are available in the Scott and Martin Buildings and the Agri Supply Exposition Center.
  • Family restrooms are available in the Martin Building and Agri Supply Exposition Center.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person with disabilities attend the Fair?
Yes, all modern buildings at the Fairgrounds have been modified to standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. There may be some historical buildings in our Heritage Circle area that are not accessible.


Can I bring my service dog?
Yes. Service dogs are welcome at the Fair.


Can I bring my own golf cart?
No, we do not allow personal golf carts on the grounds due to liability and safety reasons.


Can I bring my own wheelchair, scooter, stroller or child's wagon?
Yes, you can bring your own wheelchair, scooter, stroller, child's wagon.