Who is eligible to enter competitive exhibits at the NC State Fair?
Livestock shows that are OPEN TO THE WORLD are Beef Cattle, (004), Breeding Gilt (011), Meat Goats Show
1(023), Meat Goats Show 2 (024). The rest of the livestock shows are open to North Carolina only.


How do I enter competitions at the Fair?
Online entries begin August 1st with an entry deadline for all livestock shows is September 15, 2021. Online entries
only will be accepted, no paper entries will be accepted. Go to for online entry. Consult the
online edition of the 2021 N.C. State Fair Livestock Entries Premium Book for complete information.


Is there a fee for entering livestock competitions at the Fair?

Entry Fees are required for all entries of the Livestock Division. Fees are explained fully on page 18 of the online
Livestock Premium Book.


Can I choose not to provide my social security number on entry forms?
A valid Social Security or Federal Tax ID number is required if the exhibitor wishes to receive premiums for placings
they win at the Fair. Failure to provide Social Security or Federal Tax ID number field online, or if the Social Security
or Federal Tax ID number of an entrant is omitted from an entry form that is mailed, then this will be interpreted as
forfeiture of any premiums won. Ribbons will be awarded whether or not this information is given.
Parents: Do not list your social security number on behalf of your children. Social Security and Federal Tax ID
numbers given must match the name of the entrant on the entry forms. Federal ID numbers cannot be used for
individuals and Social Security numbers cannot be used for farms. IRS guidelines require the NC State Fair to submit
social security information to them on every premium that is paid by the Fair, no matter the amount or age of the


How will I know that my entry form has been received by the Fair?

When you enter online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Blue Ribbon Online Registration Site. Make
sure that your confirmation e-mail does not say “pending” at the top of the e-mail. If it does, then your registration
is incomplete and you need to sign-in and submit the information.


If I miss the entry deadline(s), can I submit a late entry?
No. Once the entry deadline has closed for a particular department, no further entries will be accepted. This allows
for adequate time to process the entries we receive and respects the fellow entrants who followed the rules and
regulations requested by the Fair.


What are the health regulations for animals entered into a Livestock Show?

All health regulations are explained on page 14 of the Livestock Premium Book.


Can I leave with my animal after the show?
There is a release time for each show. Premiums will be forfeited if animals are removed from stall space before the
release time unless approved by the show superintendent.


When will I receive a check for the premiums I win at the Fair?
The processing of information can take several weeks after the Fair closes. Premium checks will be mailed to prize
winning exhibitors no later than 60 days after the Fair. Errors in premium statements will be corrected until January
31, 2023, after which time the books of the 2023 Fair will be closed.